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Ivana Lukec
Welcome to SimulateLive.com

Dear readers, 

Welcome to SimulateLive.com and thank you for visiting!

SimulateLive.com is a professional portal for the promotion of process modeling, simulation, and related engineering disciplines with the aim to serve process industry. 

Because process simulation has become one of the most important disciplines of process industry with globally growing market, the aim of this portal is to bring it closer to engineers and industry, connect the vendors and the community it serves via the web-site, e-newsletters, social networking, written and video lessons, demonstrations, product reviews, events and other digital media offerings.

We will be promoting knowledge and induce communication among the professionals on subjects related to process simulation, operator training simulators and trainings, process design and optimization, advanced process control and real time optimization, process analysis and monitoring.

We are here to serve you! You are very welcome to give us your feedback, let us know what are topics of your interest, what are the products and vendors of your interest and to share with us your stories! Our engineering and editorial team will do their best to provide support.

Our editorial team mission is to serve the information needs of engineering, operations and management personnel whose job it is to simulate, design, operate, control, monitor and optimize the process units. Engineering design companies and software solution vendors which play an important role will be represented and their products reviewed by highly skilled engineering teams. Our vision is to provide space to present industrial solutions, discuss operational problems and learn from other people's experience.

SimulateLive.com will be listing and promoting all the related events organized by companies or engineering communities and inform our readers about them.
We will also be covering all the related news, product presentations, and industry achievements
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Hope you will enjoy the work our team will share with you!

Ivana Lukec, Ph.D.


About Ivana

Ivana is a director of a family company “Model”, specialized for process solutions and consulting services in areas of mathematical modeling and process simulation, process optimization and design, advanced process control and operator training simulators. 

She is Ph.D. of chemical engineering with almost 15 years of experience. As an engineer, she works on optimization studies, basic process design studies, operator training simulators development and advanced process control design, implementation and maintenance in refining industry with published 10+ scientific and professional papers in international journals.

She is a creator and editor-in-chief of a professional portal SimulateLive.com.
More details about Ivana you can find out on her LinkedIn Profile.