25 Reasons Why Chemical Engineers Should Know and Apply Process Modeling List of Most Important Applications of Process Modeling

25 Reasons Why Chemical Engineers Should Know and Apply Process Modeling
Although we are mostly unaware of this, models are an integral part of any kind of human activity. Discussion about modeling so often goes into the direction of complex mathematical expressions. However, this isn't always the case, although most models in engineering are qualitative in nature.
Modelling is also an art and a very creative process! It is an important learning process.
We wanted to list most important activities of chemical engineering which are impossible without mathematical modeling.
Here is the list:
  1. process design

  2. process development

  3. reduction of manufacturing costs

  4. production planning and scheduling

  5. reduction time and costs in all stages of the process life-cycle

  6. the increase of process efficiency

  7. calculations of operation benefits 

  8. process troubleshooting

  9. equipment sizing

  10. allow a better and deeper understanding of the process and its operation

  11. support for the solutions adopted during the process

  12. development and exploitation

  13. ensure an easy technological transfer of the process

  14. increase the quality of process management

  15. reveal abilities to handle complex problems

  16. improved process monitoring

  17. predicting product qualities

  18. continuous process optimization

  19. contribute to reducing pollution

  20. improve the safety of the plants

  21. market new products faster

  22. reduce waste emission while the process is being developed

  23. improve the quality of the products

  24. education of engineers

  25. ensure a high quality of training of the operators.

Did we forget anything? :-)

More details about a mathematical modeling as a key discipline of chemical engineering can be found here.