The Neural Network Unit Operation for DWSIM Released DWSIM Makes Another Step Forward

The Neural Network Unit Operation for DWSIM Released

The field of chemical engineering, and engineering in general, is transforming. One of the facts that proves this best is a continuous upgrade and improvement of open source tools that support engineering calculations.

DWSIM is one of the great examples of that change. A new version of DWSIM 6.1 has been released. Also, new extension, the Neural Network Unit Operation for DWSIM is released for Windows, Linux and macOS.

The Neural Network Unit Operation can use field/lab data to train and evaluate a Multi-Output Regression Artificial Neural Network to be used as a Unit Operation in your process model.

Model Features are the following:

  • ANN Model Configuration Wizard: Create, Train, Evaluate and Make Predictions
  • Fully-configurable Model Training Parameters
  • Save the Trained Model to a ZIP file or embed it in the Unit Operation's internal data for better portability
  • Supports up to 10 Inlet/Outlet Material Streams + 1 Inlet/Outlet Energy Stream
  • Supports unlimited Input and Output Variables

The Neural Network Unit Operation is free, open-source, available as a separate package and requires DWSIM v6.1 or newer to work. The Neural Network Unit Operation can be downloaded here.

There is also a free tutorial available at the following link

DWSIM v6.1 Update 1 is out and brings some important improvements for the Classic UI on High-DPI displays among other fixes and enhancements. Download available at the link


DWSIM is a multiplatform, CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and iOS. Built on the top of the Microsoft .NET and Mono Platforms and featuring a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), DWSIM allows chemical engineering students and chemical engineers to better understand the behavior of their chemical systems by using rigorous thermodynamic and unit operations' models with no cost at all.